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Immune Protocol for Prevention and Management of Viral Exposure or Infection

Updated 3/27/2020 by Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic


The most important steps for optimizing our immune function are to effectively implement and daily optimize the natural remedies. These remedies include: sleep, rest, water intake, fresh air, sunlight, moderate exercise, nutrition; avoiding harmful substances like sugar, refined foods, and substances like nicotine and alcohol that impair immunity; stress management, forgiveness and trust in God.


In addition, hydrotherapy - using hot-cold contrast showers, bathing or fomentations - can powerfully optimize immune function and greatly stimulate antibody production against viral and other forms of infection. For more information on these natural remedies for optimizing our immune system, go to: Wes Youngberg’s YouTube channel.


The next step in optimizing our immune system to limit risk of illness, including viral respiratory infections, is to incorporate simple remedies that include the use of specific nutritional supplements. The following list includes a few of the nutrients that could further boost immune support during periods of exposure to infections and as a way to potentially limit the severity of the illness.

Simple Remedies – specific nutritional supplements

Listed below are a few of the nutritional and herbal products that could further boost immune support during periods of exposure to infections and as a way to potentially limit the severity of the illness. The following are the nutritional products that are often recommended by Dr. Youngberg for situations like this. 

Vitamin D: Preventive/Maintenance – most adults need 5,000iu daily. Children should get a minimum of 2,000iu daily.

  • Fall & Winter – most benefit from 10,000iu daily. 

  • Spring & Summer – need about 5,000iu daily. 

  • If infected – published reports suggest that adults may use up to 50,000iu once or twice daily for 3 to 5 days. The formula that works for all age groups including children is: may use up to 1,000iu Vitamin D per pound body weight per day for 3 days.


Vitamin D3 drops – Liquid D3: 

  • At first sign of cold or flu take 1 full dropper or 25 drops (50,000iu) of Liquid D3. 

  • Alternative: Bio D Mulsion Forte, a highly absorbable form of vitamin D3.  At first sign of cold or flu take 25 drops (50,000iu). If using 5,000iu capsules, take 10 capsules all at once to equal 50,000iu.

  • Depending on severity of symptoms an adult may take the 50,000iu dose one, two or even three times a day for 3 to 5 days only. This is only for a few days and then resume the normal daily dose of 4,000 to 10,000iu daily.


Medical experts have documented that individuals with a cold or flu may take up to 1,000IU of Vitamin D per pound body weight per day (for three days only). 


This natural supplementation protocol has the potential to significantly promote the activation of genes that stimulate the production of anti-microbial peptides and anti-viral chemotherapeutic compounds thus speeding the healing process. As an example: A 100-pound female notices symptoms of a cold or flu. She could take as much as 50 drops (100,000iu) of vitamin D daily for three days. However, most adults who are experiencing respiratory infections may benefit greatly from taking 25 drops/50,000iu (at 2,000IU per drop) twice daily for three to five days and then resume the maintenance dose. 


According to the late Dr. Robert Heaney, Professor of Medicine at Creighton University and a world authority on clinical uses of Vitamin D, Children should be taking a minimum of 2,000iu of D3 daily but if infected with symptoms could use 1,000iu per pound body weight daily for three days as a way to further mobilize their immune system while it is under attack.


Vitamin C:

  • Preventive/Maintenance:  Most adults benefit from 1,000mg once to three times daily. Dose and frequency should always be increased slowly in order to avoid digestive distress while the body is adjusting. 

  • If infected the body can absorb much higher doses of Vitamin C without any gastro-intestinal distress. Many find that increasing doses up to bowel tolerance three times daily is helpful to support the immune system.

  • Vitality C – Vitamin C and Ribose: (contains 4,000mg of Vitamin C per scoop along with 2,000mg of Ribose. If high quality forms of vitamin C are not available, use any form that you have access to.

  • Adults start with ¼ scoop several times daily and may gradually increase dose up to full scoop (4,000mg Vit C) mixed with water or mixed in a smoothie three times daily. Start by taking only ¼ tsp once daily and increase to three times daily and then gradually increase dose to ½ tsp and then a full tsp each time. This form of Vitamin C is formulated to be pH neutral and is non-acidic thus greatly reducing potential intestinal distress sometimes produced when initiating Vitamin C. Also contain methylated glycine and ribose for metabolism and liver support. Each individual needs to dose to their personal bowel tolerance. Gradually work up to larger doses in order to avoid intestinal upset of watery stool. Some may need to use lower doses than others. If high grade brands are not available use any form of vitamin C that is available. 

  • Children can benefit as well by taking doses consistent with their bowel tolerance.


Gut Microbiome Support – further optimize the immune system use high quality forms of Probiotics and Prebiotics. Nearly 70% of the body’s immune system resides in the intestines (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue).

  • OrthoBiotic is a multi-strain, high potency probiotic (healthy bacterial flora). 

  • Each capsule contains a minimum of 20 Billion Colony Forming Units and eight different strains of healthy bacteria. Take one capsule daily.

  • IAG  (Arabinogalactan powder from the American Lark Tree)

  • Very potent immune enhancer and prebiotic (food for the probiotic). 

  • If infected with a cold or flu or other immune system depression you may take up to 1 TBSP three times daily. 

  • Maintenance dose is 1 tsp daily with food. Mix with water or small amount of juice. IAG can be used for people of all ages, from infancy to the elderly. 


To help kill viruses in your sinuses, lungs, skin, room air and any surface:

Liquid Iodine Forte (150mcg/drop)

  1. This form of iodine is very dilute and is listed as potassium iodide. If searching on Amazon or other clinics, look for potassium iodide with 100 to 400mcg per drop or serving. This is used as a natural antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial solution for all ages. 

  2. NOTE: as can happen with all foods, rare allergies occur to iodine and up to 1% of individuals have some level of allergy to iodine. When first using iodine put one drop on arm and evaluate after a few minutes for swelling, irritation or other signs of allergy. If none, take one drop on tongue. If no negative symptoms you are unlikely allergic. 

  3. Preventive or management strategy for sinuses:  Spray one or two sprits into each nostril 1-3 times daily or as needed to manage risk or symptoms. Lugol’s 2% and other concentrated forms of iodine are NOT intended for use as a nasal or lung spray as they can be very irritating and can stain clothing. When using these more concentrated forms of iodine as a spray to the sinuses, eyes or lungs there is a definite risk of irritation and potential damage to the delicate nerves and tissues in the sinuses, eyes and lungs.

  4. Use nasal spray Snoot cap (back in stock) that screws onto the Liquid Iodine Forte (150mcg/drop) bottles so that you can spray directly into your sinuses or lungs (by breathing in while spraying it). If someone is infected with any type of respiratory virus, they should have a separate bottles and nasal spray caps in order to prevent contaminating family members.

  5. Systemic or GI infections: Use 5 sprays in mouth and swallow three times a daily and re-evaluate as needed.  

  6. Lower respiratory – virus, bacteria or fungus infection:  Spray the Liquid Iodine (150mcg/drop) into your mouth and inhale into your lungs (3-5+ sprays three or more times daily).

  7. Iodine not only kills viruses and microbes but it, breaks up mucous congestion and supports the health of the cells lining the sinuses, throat and lungs. 

  8. Use topically by spraying low dose iodine mist on any area of suspected exposure/infection including eyes, skin and or area surface. 

  9. Iodine: The Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses”, David Derry, MD, PhD, in the medical journal Thyroid Science 4(9):R1-5, 2009. Dr. Derry documented that “Iodine was the most effective agent for killing viruses, especially influenza viruses. Aerosol iodine was found to kill viruses in sprayed mists, and solutions of iodine were equally effective.


In 1945, Burnet and Stone found that putting iodine on mice snouts prevented the mice from being infected with lethal levels of live influenza virus in mists. They suggested that impregnating masks with iodine would help stop viral spread [ideally spray on outside of N95 or N99 masks and let dry before use]. They also recommended that medical personnel have iodine-aerosol-treated rooms for examination and treatment of highly infected patients. 

Oral iodine might also boost body defense mechanisms in the upper oral and respiratory mucus. Conclusion: Iodine incorporated into masks, solutions, aerosols, and oral preparations could help to kill influenza viruses and fight off an H1N1 Pandemic.

Iodizyme-HP (total iodine/iodide per tablet is 12.5mg which is equal to 12,500 mcg).

  1. If you don’t experience negative symptoms when using Liquid Iodine (some are sensitive to the detoxification reactions that occur as the iodine kills bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses; and stimulates the removal of toxins from the body) you may further benefit from the combination of iodine (5.0mg) and Potassium Iodide (7.5mg) found in each tablet of Iodizyme-HP

  2. Start with ½ tablet once daily for two weeks and then increase to one full tab daily. Take with or without food. 

  3. Dr. David Derry recommends using one tablet daily as a way to build up iodine levels in the body thus optimizing natural antiviral status in the mucosal tissues, sinuses, throat and lungs. If you are on thyroid medications, work with your family doctor and recheck TSH and thyroid panel after six weeks to see if your thyroid medication dose needs adjustment. 

  4. If the concentrated form of iodine/potassium iodide in Iodizyme is unavailable you may use Lugol’s 2% solution which contains 2.6mg (2,600mcg) of the combined forms of iodine per drop. It can be used orally as an option to the tablet. Lugol’s 2% and other concentrated forms of iodine are NOT intended for use as a nasal or lung spray as they can be very irritating and can stain clothing. When using these more concentrated forms of iodine as a spray to the sinuses, eyes or lungs there is a definite risk of irritation and potential damage to the delicate nerves and tissues in the sinuses, eyes and lungs.


If feeling toxic OR like you are having a chemical sensitivity reaction immediately take the following: 1,000mg or more of Vitamin C, any good form of magnesium like – Krebs Magnesium 100mg or magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate 100-200mg. May take several times daily. May also use Celtic or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt ¼ tsp right away and several times daily if blood pressure is low or normal (often decreases symptoms of detox reactions associated with increasing iodine to more optimal levels). Also make sure you’re on a good source of Selenium like Aquthe multiple YoungLife Complete (use two capsules three times daily). This may help alkalinize the blood and thus neutralize and remove various toxins. 

Biocidin TS Advanced Formula Throat Spray (currently out of stock nationally). 

  1. Spray 1-3 times in mouth towards back of throat one or more times daily as needed. 

  2. This a potent immune supporting formula of herbs. If sensitive to new products start with only 1 spray and gradually work up.


Zinc Lozenges 10mg (currently back ordered nationally): For sore throat, laryngitis, and colds. 

  1. Allow Lozenge to dissolve completely in mouth. Do not chew as the immune activation and antiviral activity is best while the Zinc Lozenge remains in the mouth.

  2. May take as often as every 2 hours but do not exceed 10 per day. 

  3. Do not use for more than 7 days in a row without consulting your doctor.


Zinc Citrate or Picolinate 25-50mg: Take 1 capsule twice daily for support of immune system and overall metabolism. Optionally may take one capsule of Reacted Zinc 54mg as highly absorbed Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate. The concentration of zinc in the blood and inside the lung cells directly correlates with blocking viral replication inside the cells.


Quercitin 250-500mg: Taken with or without food once to three times daily. Quercitin helps the zinc enter the cell in order to block viral replications, decreases the viruses ability to infect cells, and has been shown to provide broad spectrum protection agains many viruses including SARS.

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC): If you do get infected it would be prudent to also take one 500-600mg of oral NAC capsule twice daily which has been shown to greatly reduce lung congestion and also reduce flu like symptoms by 75% in those exposed. Dr. Neil Nedley discusses NAC HERE.

Multi-strain, High Potency Probiotic

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